The best Xbox One headsets of 2019

A quality headset ought to be more than basically a methods for talking with your colleagues. It ought to give the most extreme drenching and pinpoint precision, enabling you to hear a peppering of blasts out of sight and moving toward strides in your fringe. It ought to give perfectly clear correspondence and a genuinely comfortable ride.

Xbox One headsets differ generally in highlights and cost. Some are remote, others are wired. Some expense as much as a Xbox One itself, others can be caught for not exactly the cost of a retail diversion. We’ve gathered together the best Xbox One headsets, from top of the line to spending plan and wherever in the middle.

  • ASTRO GAMING A50 The best

The invigorated A50 satisfies the Astro name, to say the very least. Displaying a cutting edge plan saturated with remote 5.8ghz innovation, this top of the line headset conveys probably the best sound of anything in our gathering. The A50 flaunts Dolby Digital 7.1 encompass sound that gives a vivid soundscape regardless of what you play. To additionally improve your ongoing interaction, three changed EQ modes enable you to modify the sound — giving you a snappy method to support the bass or treble — while the unidirectional amplifier disconnects your voice from surrounding commotion.

The A50 likewise incorporates all the additional advantages you’d anticipate from an excellent headset, including auto shutoff, bother free remote association, and long battery life. In any case, in particular, the A50 makes diversions additionally fascinating and engaging. For the genuine gamer, the audiophile, or the individuals who simply love extraordinary sound, it’s an unquestionable requirement have — gave you’re eager and ready to hack up the money. For Xbox gamers, Astro offers a Xbox One-explicit variant, which incorporates a remote connector for the support to maximize the headset.


The A40 TR isn’t only the marginally increasingly moderate, wired kin of the A50, it’s likewise stuffed with huge amounts of highlights that are difficult to find on different headsets. As far as sound and mic quality, the A40 TR rivals the A50, which effectively makes it a standout amongst the best-sounding headsets at any framework at any cost. Yet, it’s the Mixamp Pro that is the genuine champion.

The Mixamp Pro gives you quick and natural control of everything, including volume, amusement/mic visit blend, and EQ presets. It associates with your support with a USB association, yet in addition incorporates a 3.5mm Aux port, advanced optical out, and a devoted “stream out” port that is extraordinary for Twitch streamers. There are likewise two “computerized daisy chain” ports that empower numerous Mixamp Pros to be fastened together utilizing Astro’s restrictive daisy chain links so the majority of their sound can be caught while gushing

For the individuals who aren’t keen on the Mixamp’s usefulness, you can likewise buy the A40 TR sans Mixamp for about $100 less. While despite everything we prescribe the Mixamp Pro, the A40 TR can stand its ground against the challenge without it. Beside the phenomenal sound and mic execution, the headset itself sports some cool highlights, including Dolby 7.1 virtual encompass and a unidirectional clamor dropping mic. You can even change the open-upheld headset into a shut supported model with commotion dropping (however this requires an additional buy of Astro’s mod pack).


In spite of the consideration of various remote headsets on this rundown, the quantity of advantageous remote Xbox One headsets is generally little. This is fundamentally because of the comfort’s absence of Bluetooth support. Rather, the Xbox One uses Microsoft’s exclusive Xbox Wireless innovation to synchronize remote controllers and different peripherals. Most Xbox One remote headsets utilize different workarounds to motivate the headset and the comfort to address one another. The Stealth 700 is distinctive in that it’s furnished with Xbox Wireless tech, making it remotely available straight away. 

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While “Stealth” is in the name, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 makes its quality known. The vast, solid headset flaunts incredible 50mm over-ear drivers to submerge players in the activity, just as the organization’s Superhuman Hearing setting, which supports inconspicuous sounds in the blend, making it simpler to get minor sound prompts or inaccessible audio effects. The enormous earcups are intended for solace, and highlight Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs, offering cushioning intended for the glasses wearer. At last, to guarantee you’ll have the most ideal correspondence with your kindred players, a high-affectability mouthpiece sits on the left earcup, and can be flipped up for speedy quieting.


The Corsair HS50 is the most reasonable of our Xbox One picks, and keeping in mind that that is extraordinary news for anybody on a tight spending plan, even huge spenders will need to think about this model.

The Corsair HS50 utilizes a 3.5mm wired association, which implies not exclusively does it effectively connect to your Xbox One controller, it’s additionally good with the PlayStation 4, PCs, Nintendo Switch, and cell phones — you won’t locate that sort of flexibility in a remote model. The Corsair HS50 additionally gives astounding sound quality that matches that of different headsets costing a few fold the amount — if not more.

Since it’s a wired model, there are some exchange offs, be that as it may. Because of its single 3.5mm association, the Corsair HS50, sadly, needs virtual encompass sound. Fortunately, the stereo blend offers precise situating even without DSP help. To finish it off, the headset sports an alluring, moderate structure, with a separable mic that makes it feasible for it to serve as a couple of earphones when absolutely necessary.

We won’t imagine there aren’t advantages to selecting a spendier pick, including the advantage of remote opportunity, however the Corsair HS50 put forth a solid defense that even an unobtrusively evaluated, section level headset can work for pretty much everybody.

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