What are the top five reasons to choose McAfee Endpoint Security?

Gone are the days when people used to keep their personal information in a hard disk or a pen drive. The trend has changed as the users now store all their personal information in their computer systems. This has increased the utilization of cloud services to a great extent.

Since the technology is evolving day by day, users are also making a shift to different platforms. With the increasing roku code reliability on these platforms, they are keeping their personal data into vulnerable condition that could easily get affected from viruses.


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Amid all these viruses, users should have an efficient antivirus that can protect them from all these types of viruses. In this row, one can go for the McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) and activate it from mcafee.com/activate after redeeming the McAfee activate This dedicated security program protects your system as well as personal data from all kinds of cyber threats.

ENS has some great qualities that make this security software different from the others such as:

1 Stronger – It has the 25% higher defense rate

2 Simpler – One platform, fewer policies to manage , and automated response

3 More advanced – It has been divided into four categories

4 Application containment – It is an effective way to block the viruses at the run-time

5 Integrated EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)– It provides the continuous monitoring checks to the viruses

6 Machine Learning – It has the ability to curb the ongoing online cyber threats such malware, spyware, Trojan, and rootkits etc.


  • Cloud-Enhanced-

 7 Proven– It has sure-shot proved that McAfee Endpoint Security .

8  ROI– Rate of Investment is so higher as one can manage the complete security shield within 2 or 3 panes instead of 7 to 8  .

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